Mice Pest problems in London 
We have been getting more and more mice call outs in the London Pest control area over the July and August months this year, we are up 28% on call out figures from 2015 for the summer months, so if you are having any rodent problems at the minute in the home or office then please call us out and we will have a technician to you the same day to help get rid of the pest problem. Mice can multiply really fast and should be put into control as soon as there is evidence of mice. Mice are rodents and tend to chew electrical wires, wood framing, and personal items. The damage from a mouse, rat or squirrel infestation can be dangerous. Read More. 
Rat Pest Problems in London 
Rat Control can be needed especially in commercial size buildings. Food scraps and other food like items can bring them in. Rats, like mice, love to chew wiring, personal items and such and can get quitee expensive on the extent of damage they could do just by living. They also spread health issues and can bring in other pests like fleas, beetles and such. Give us a call and we can be there in 90 mins from any area of the London area. 
General Pest Problems in London 
Pest problems in London happen all the time. We are happy to assist in Pest issues in your residence, Commercial property or are a Landlord that wants to keep tenants and their pests in control. Give us a call. We are here to assess the situation and determine what we are dealing with pest-wise. Also, what the tenant may do to prevent this further as some people tend to live to invite pests into their home. Food scraps and unclean kitchens can be the first culprit. We will be happy to look at the entire property for signs of rodents or insect pests. We can also suggest things that could be taken care of at the building level if we find issues. 
Squirrels and Pigeons like to find the holes in the exterior of the house. This is something that the Landlord should fix up in order to prevent these pests from entering the home again. Pest problems usually mean there are human habit problems as well as a structural flaw but not always. Mice can come in through an open door or window. Let us have a look at see if there is a way to prevent this in the future. So if you have Pest Problems in London, give us a call. 
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