Hospitals and NHS battling Pests in London are spending £600,00 to get rid of vermin. NHS chiefs are making 5,000 pest control calls a year for rats, cockroaches and even maggots in London area hospitals. The bill to deal with the infestations soared 19 percent in three years to £628,721 in 2015. The national figure may be much higher as 52 of 152 trusts did not respond to The Sun’s Freedom of Information request. So the exact number is not known. These infestations are a bad reflection on our National Health Service in general. Battling Pests in London is what we do, give us a call. Read More. 
They should have used a service that will also help with the prevention of further infestation of the rats, fleas, flies and more. Rats can bring in fleas as well as beetles and other pests. These need to be fixed as a whole. Maggots are from flies. Flies are found when there is rotting food or flesh. Maintaining a clean environment for a hospital is key to keeping it pest free. 
NHS is at it’s breaking point with Rat Control 
Rat control can be hard to keep up on. Especially for a Commercial Building. Rats are filthy animals that carry disease and are finding their way into our London Hospitals. This is due to the decrepit buildings and old windows or door seals and cracks in the buildings. This is taxing on our hospital employees as now they are at war with the London Pests while trying to maintain a healthy environment for their patients. The rats bring in the other pests and this is becoming a costly problem. 
Pest control in commercial buildings can get costly fast and needs to have a team of their own at times. The pest control of ara hospitals needs to be addressed at the root cause. How are these pests getting in and why are they staying? These are good questions to figure out and fix. This will in return fix much of the pest problems. 
Commercial Rat Control 
Commercial rat issues aren’t fun. We understand that it can get out of hand quickly. Rats are nasty creatures and you certainly don’t need your customers or clients to see them! Rats can bring in other unwanted insects as well and their larva. This can be a disaster. We are happy to come in and give you a free no obligation quote to get rid of all your pests. We work and understand battling pests in London. London area has various pests and determining how they are getting in and preventing them for the future. We have done extensive studying of the rat and how they live so we can easily get them under control and you can get on with life. Rat control of London is what we do for commercial or residential. 
Commercial Cockroach Control 
Cockroaches are no laughing matter. These things hide and go untouched for quite some time. But, when you do actually see one, there is most likely lots more where that one came from. Commercial cockroach control is a problem but we can offer a solution. Unfortunately, you most likely have some cleaning to do as the roaches are often under cabinets or other hard to see spots. Their feces and such can line the back of a cabinet that will need a good cleaning. We are used to battling pests in London, give us a call. 
This was originally reported by Ben Lazrus on Oct. 23rd, 2016 from The Sun on the Hospital Outbreak. 
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