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They live with you, but you can’t really see them. 
They come out in the dark and feed on your blood. 
After sucking blood, they swell and become twice their size. 
Then, they prepare to do it all again and again and again. 
Can you guess what they are? 
Before you conjure images of blood-sucking vampires, let us tell you it’s bed bugs! 
Bed bugs are small, oval, and brownish insects that survive on human blood, grow quickly and are carrier of multiple diseases. In short, they’re something that you really do not want living on your bed, or do you? 
So, without any further ado, let’s explore ways to get rid of these nasty creatures. 
How To Treat Bed Bugs 
There are several tried and tested ways you can embrace to eliminate bed bugs, including: 
1. Target The Nest: Clean spots where you suspect bed bugs are building nests. 
2. Clean Thoroughly: Wash bed sheets, linens, curtains, and any fabrics that you have in your house. 
3. Scrub Aways: Scrub your mattress using a stiff brush to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. 
4. Don’t Forget Your Pillows: Vacuuming your bed and pillows each night is a proven method to prevent bed bug infestation. While the method is a long-term approach, it offers a good night’s sleep nonetheless! 
5. Get Proactive: Seal any open cracks or dark places where little manifestations of vampires can hide! 
6. Check Everything: Dust luggage and bags, even those of guests, when they enter your house, since the leading cause of bed bug infestation is people bringing bed bugs with them from the outside. 
Bed Bug Control Done Right 
Bed bugs are common in large cities, especially London, as people continuously move from one place to another, increasing the chances of spreading bed bugs through clothes and luggage. 
While regular cleaning and vacuuming are effective, they are not the final solution. Bed bugs are known for their ability to repopulate in a short span of time. It sounds like trouble, doesn’t it? 
Therefore, the only foolproof solution to getting rid of bed bugs for good is to invest in professional bed bug control. 
Wondering where you can get an effective bed bugs control service in London on-demand? 
Pest Protect has you covered. 
Get in touch today on 0208 945 7231 
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